Thank-you for your interest in the Church of Christ at Green Cove Springs.  We are a loving body of believers dedicated to teaching the truth of God’s word, serving one another and reaching out to the lost.

We have removed most of the Covid-19 restrictions. We are trying to return to a more normal environment. We want to provide the safest environment and conditions possible.  We encourage people to wear a mask when interacting with others (greetings in the foyer and isles). While seated, unless you are seated next to someone that is masked you may remove your own as well. Please respect each other’s personal preference. At the present time, the water fountains are still closed, and we are still using individual communion packages.   We also continue to fog the building after each use and the Bibles and song books have been returned to the pews.

We are continuing to run the audio of our services on GoToMeeting and by phone:

Joining the call: 2 options- phone and web/phone app based

A) Instructions for using the phone service: 1) Dial the phone number (646-749-3122) and wait for the GoToMeeting “Welcome” message: “Please enter your Access Code followed by the # (pound or hash sign)” You will enter 261-971-213# 2) After a moment, you will hear “If you have an audio PIN, please enter it now, otherwise, enter the pound or hash sign” – You will enter # (pound/hash sign) . This will place you in the call

B) Instructions for the web app: Click on the link below and when prompted enter the access code 261-971-213 https://www.gotomeet.me/JimHarkness/green-cove-springs-church-of-christ

C) Instructions for the phone app: Smartphones require the GoToMeeting application  to be installed. Once installed, click on the link above to open the app and when prompted to “enter meeting ID or name” – you will enter 261-971-213 What to expect • The online/phone meeting will be started at 10:45. It will be muted to all participants until after

If you have any hesitancy or concerns, please let us know.

If you live in the Green Cove Springs area or are just traveling through, we extend a heartfelt invitation for you to visit with us! 

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